Holy Ghost Encounter Night

Holy Ghost Encounter Night

City Stadium Roundabout - Young Traders Building, 4th Floor, Nairobi

time 9:00 pm

Every Second Friday from

January 12, 2018

He that began the good work is indeed faithful. It has been 6 years and the goodness of the Lord cannot be hidden. Lives have been transformed, destinies realigned to their divine paths and the Lord Glorified. We cannot hold back the overflow of gratitude in us.

We gather this Friday to celebrate five years of the #HolyGhostEncounterNights. We gather at our City Stadium Sanctuary to worship our lord once more….. It has been His doing and truly We have seen His hand.

Happening every second Friday of every month in Nairobi, the Holy Ghost Encounter is an overnight affair of engaging in prayer, scripture, and worship.

It’s a chance to truly experience the move of the Holy Spirit and have a more intimate experience with God. Throughout the year there is versatility of topics and activities that seek to encourage a more closer relationship with God.

With a holistic approach to life and Christianity, this monthly event is a great avenue to address life through prayer and total surrender to God through the move of the Holy Spirit.

It is open to everyone and runs through the night, calling
for the sacrifice of a nights’ sleep to spend time in the unfailing presence of God.
With amazing worship sessions courtesy of EEMI Voices, Captivating scripture and sermon sessions plus quality prayer time, you cannot afford to miss out on such an event.

Come let us experience the overwhelming move of God in our lives through the Holy Spirit.
Entry is free. Christ paid the full cost at the cross for you.